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Are You Selling What Your Customer Is Really Buying?

In today’s volatile economic environment we are very quick to empathize with the customer’s financial concerns, thereby placing more emphasis on the price than the emotional value of the purchase. Come to this seminar and discover some highly creative strategies for selling anniversary, birthday, bridal, and gifts for other ceremonious occasions in ways you never thought of.

25 Greatest Sales Tips EVER!

Come to this fast-paced seminar and be prepared to take notes because you will learn powerful action-oriented sales techniques you can immediately use upon returning to your store. In 24 years working with jewelers all over the world, I have heard and cataloged over 1,000 sales tips that work. Now you will identify the very best 25 ever.

Grow Your Bridal and Engagement Business Big Time!

If your bridal engagement business is not a large percentage of your sales, this seminar is for you. If your bridal business is strong and thriving, this dynamic session will give you creative tips you can use to maximize every opportunity in this critical area.

Come prepared to identify what it really takes to increase your bridal engagement business to the next level in ways you never thought about.

A copy of our highly popular Memorable Ways to Pop the Question book will be given to each jeweler for use in their store.

Create a Sales Plan That Works Every Time

What would happen if every salesperson showed (just showed) their favorite diamond piece twice a day? What would happen if everyone attempted one add-on sale (just attempted) every day? What would this do for your business? Come to the seminar and identify a simple plan that will virtually guarantee that you hit your sales targets every month.

9 Ways to Wreck a Sale

If you knew when and where you were going to be in a wreck, you would reroute or start out earlier. It’s not the big things that sabotage a sale . . . it’s the small ones. This seminar will show you how to sidestep these selling pitfalls and close more sales with less hassle.


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