Advanced Jewelry Sales Skills

Double Your Diamond Engagement Business in 3 Years!

Who will benefit?

  • Experienced salespeople who have enjoyed modest to excellent success and are seeking a professional career in the jewelry industry.
  • Highly self-motivated salespeople relatively new to the industry but with a burning desire to succeed.
  • Owners/managers who are committed to aggressively growing their diamond engagement business.
  • Those who are willing to implement strategies and systems designed to leverage their store in a highly competitive marketplace.

What your customer is really buying from you

  • Key buying situations: 9 opportunities to sell a diamond you must be aware of!
  • The 4 most powerful questions you can ever ask a customer.
  • Appealing to your customer’s emotional side rather than discussing price.
  • Keeping a customer for life . . . guarantee.

What your customer knows that no sales training ever taught you

  • The key to selling successfully to the opposite sex.
  • Revolutionary ways to use eye contact, gestures, body positioning, touch, listening, etc. to reach the emotional side of the customer.
  • Why women shop and men hunt and how to use that knowledge to your advantage.
  • Why men are naturally very uncomfortable when entering an unfamiliar store and a remarkable way to put them at ease.
  • 5 questions that will get your customer talking and start your relationship off on the right foot.

Creating an emotional sale

  • Recognizing the difference between what the customer identifies as a need and what they really want.
  • Using your customers’ favored words and phrases to demonstrate and validate your understanding of what they are looking for.
  • Don’t be intimidated . . . ever! 10 customer-friendly ways to handle unreasonable requests and questions.
  • 5 ways to significantly reduce or eliminate the overreaction and objection to price.

Selling different customers differently

  • Your personal selling profile – each person completes a powerful profile that provides invaluable insight into their strengths and weaknesses in the sales process.
  • Develop a strategy for communicating with and selling customers in a manner that is always comfortable for both of you.

Selling your store’s unique position in the marketplace

  • What makes your store significantly unique and different in the minds of your customers?
  • When buying jewelry, do prospects think of you first, second, third . . . or not at all?
  • 5 ways to sell your store’s unique qualities in your sales presentation.
  • Exceed the expectations of your customers in ways you never thought of.

The difference between making and losing the sale

  • Greeting customers – the first 30 seconds can make you or break you.
  • 3 creative T-O’s with positive results for both you and your customer.
  • 10 obvious buying signals that salespeople frequently miss.
  • 5 ways to use your customer book and to maintain contact with your customers without feeling like you are “bugging” or “hassling” them.

Attaining personal goals and targets every single month

  • 8 Point Strategic Sales Plan. A proven system that can increase your sales by 10 to 15%. . .easily.
  • Success – what it is – how to get it – motivating yourself daily.


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