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The customer who is purchasing a Christmas, birthday, engagement or anniversary gift is doing so with the heartfelt desire to create the single greatest romantic moment in his or her life. By adding one more button, ROMANTIC STORIES, to your website, you can potentially increase your number of “hits” significantly while encouraging repeat visits.

Here’s how it works:

Post on your website every week one of 52 charming stories, each of which tells how a man (or woman) created a beautiful romantic event when giving the gift of jewelry (i.e., anniversary, Valentine’s Day, birthday, Christmas, engagement, etc.).

Here’s how it benefits you!

  • Creates an incentive to bookmark your site: A reference on the story webpage might read: Bookmark this page because a new romantic story will be posted every Saturday morning at 9:06 a.m. (You choose the time.)
  • Increases visits to your site: Women who visit the site will get emotionally involved in the stories; some are real tearjerkers. Every Saturday at 9:06 a.m. they will return to the site just to read another wonderful story.
  • Encourages more male visits: Men who visit the site will be interested in stories of romance to help them create a memorable event and may just perceive your store a little differently.
  • Makes your website really work for you: Because of these stories of beautiful romance, women will lead men to the site which will definitely have a positive influence on gift-giving purchases.
  • Makes your Facebook Page finally work for you! Because of space limitation the entire story will not “fit” on your Facebook Page. A link directly to your website will guide the reader to the rest of the story.
  • Closes more sales! Since romance is a mystery to most men, these unique stories could be the single factor that causes them to choose your store over any others in your marketplace.
  • Brings new visitors to your store: People who love the stories will make copies and share them with their friends and co-workers, drawing a whole new segment of customers directly to your store.

Now Finally a Way to Make Your Facebook Page Work for You

Post the stories on your Facebook Page. Because of space limitations, the entire story cannot be completely revealed on your Facebook Page. That is where you place a link directly to your website to guide the reader to the rest of the story

Sample Stories

Check out a proposal story…


Tournament PrizeA professional golfer and his father were playing in a father/son golf tournament televised around the country. Caddying for the son was a beautiful young lady to whom he was planning a proposal of marriage.

The sportscasters announcing the tournament let the viewers in on what was about to happen. They watched avidly as she took the flag out of the hole and stood off to the edge of the green while the father putted out. As he reached in the hole to retrieve his ball he secretly left a diamond ring in the bottom of the cup.

As the son’s “caddy” looked down to replace the flag in the hole she saw the ring and jumped back in surprise. The young golfer walked over, retrieved the ring from the hole, and on his knee asked her to marry him.

Slipping the beautiful diamond ring on her finger, they embraced on the 17th green in front of a crowd of onlookers and golf fans watching all over the country


Check out another proposal story…


It was a beautiful day for a hike, the weather was perfect, but Peter seemed a little “out of it” today, a little aloof. Wendy figured it was because the end of the quarter was near and Peter was still short of his sales quota.

As they walked she and Peter engaged in idle chit chat. If she mentioned anything about work he quickly moved along to another subject.Cooling Her Heals

The sound of the waterfall in the distance meant that lunch break was just around the corner. Her feet were tired and she was ready for a rest. The waterfall was Wendy’s favorite place in the whole world and she looked forward to a peaceful half an hour enjoying its beauty.

Running to the edge of the pool, she pulled off her hiking boots and let her feet slowly sink into the cool blue water. Peter joined her as they sat and shared a delicious lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Afterwards, dozing in the sun, Wendy tried to think of a way to cheer Peter up a bit.

As they prepared to leave, Wendy slid on her socks and grabbed her boots. After cooling her heels in the stream her boots always felt so much better on her feet. Lacing up her second boot she noticed something strange about the shoelace. There was something hanging from it . . . a diamond ring! It was a diamond engagement ring!!

She turned to face Peter who had dropped to his knee beside her. Taking the boot from her he removed the ring, looked lovingly into her eyes, and said, “My darling Wendy, I love you more than anything in this world. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

Wendy’s response was a great big “yes!” as she toppled Peter over into the grass to give him a kiss.


Check out a Mother’s Day story…


I will never forget my first Mother’s Day . . . breakfast in bed complete with a rose in a bud vase, waited on hand and foot all day, dinner out . . . you name it I had it. Now that’s what Mother’s Day is all about, right? Wrong! That lasted about two years and then our lives became so bogged down with everyday responsibilities I just never felt I could take a whole day to pamper myself. Maybe breakfast in bed would be squeezed in, but that lasted about fifteen minutes and was accompanied by kids and dogs, all anxious to take advantage of my perceived “trapped” state tucked under the covers with a tray precariously balanced on my lap.

Whose Day is This Anyhow?Two years ago, twelve years into motherhood, I had just made the usual calls to both my mom and my husband’s mother to wish them Happy Mother’s Day when the doorbell rang. I had no idea how much I had missed the big “to-do” of my own Mother’s Day until the moment I saw my husband standing at the door dressed as a delivery man and holding out an arrangement of irises, “delivery for Mrs. Stone” he said quite formally.

I reached out to take the flowers with what I’m sure can only be described as a look of shock. “Thank you young man” I replied as I accepted them, “would you like to come in for a cup of coffee? I’m afraid I don’t have any change for a tip.”

“Why, yes, thank you ma’am. I’d like that very much. Delivering flowers is much harder than most people realize you know.” Ronnie joined me in the living room as I sat the flowers on the coffee table and went to get us each a cup of coffee. When I returned, he had removed his delivery man’s cap and was gently rearranging the flowers, all three of the kids watching on with happy grins.

“Why look here! There’s something stuck down in these flowers!” he exclaimed as though surprised. At that, he dropped all pretenses and extracted a small golden box and held it in his hand, saying, “Janice, I’m afraid I’m very guilty of getting so wrapped up in everyday things that I don’t take the time to tell you what a terrific wife and mother you are. Mother’s Day slides by with barely an acknowledgement, but today I’m going to take advantage of the occasion to show you my appreciation.” He was joined by a chorus of enthusiastic “Happy Mother’s Day Mommy. We love you!” from the kids.

I watched as he opened the lid of the box and removed a Mother’s ring with birthstones for each of our children and slid it on my right ring finger. “Thank you sweetheart for all that you do. I apologize for not saying it often enough, but it’s always something I’m aware of. I love you very much.”

After years of Mother’s Day being just another day, my wonderful husband and children had just turned it into one of the most special days of my life.


Check out an anniversary story…


Sharon and Keith had shared twenty-five years of marriage and in that time Sharon had never asked for much, but Keith always knew she really wanted a pearl necklace.

Cat FancyQuietly slipping out of bed on the morning of their anniversary, he took the beautiful pearl necklace he had bought her and wrapped it around the neck of Shazzam, the family cat.

Then he jumped back into bed and waited.

The alarm went off and that was the signal for Shazzam to leap up onto the bed and remind his mistress by patting her gently on the cheek that it was time to get up.

Sharon woke slowly and with her eyes closed began to affectionately stroke the cat. She stopped at Shazzam’s neck, and with her eyes still closed felt the pearl necklace carefully. She opened her eyes slowly to see if she was really touching what she thought she was touching, and as she exclaimed with delight over his wonderful surprise, her husband exclaimed, “Happy anniversary honey . . . I love you!”

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