Essential Jewelry Sales Skills

An interactive, results-driven sales training program that will benefit

  • First and foremost, people who seek success in their professional career!
  • Salespeople with at least 45 days of orientation and familiarization in the store.
  • Experienced salespeople oriented to their own personal growth . . . those always seeking innovative ideas to enhance a strong career path.
  • Owners/managers who understand the sales process and are seeking ideas and strategies to sustain their education plan and motivate salespeople on a daily basis.

Selling your store’s unique position in the marketplace

  • What makes your store significantly unique and different in the minds of your customers?
  • When buying jewelry, do prospects think of you first, second, third . . . or not at all?
  • 5 ways to sell your store’s unique qualities in your sales presentation.
  • Exceed the expectations of your customers in ways you never thought of.

Greeting customers

  • The indisputable importance of the first 30 seconds after a customer has entered your store.
  • 3 sure fire ways to introduce yourself and begin a conversation with your customer.
  • 6 things that annoy your potential customer and are guaranteed to cost you a sale before you even begin your relationship.

Building early relationships

  • 5 questions that will get your customer talking and start your relationship off on the right foot.
  • Is anybody listening? Why we are always thinking about what we’re going to say next.

Presenting diamonds, jewelry, and watches

  • Making your presentation from your customer’s perspective rather than your own.
  • Using your customer’s favored words and phrases to demonstrate and validate your understanding of what they are looking for.
  • 3 important tools to use in every sale.
  • 5 ways to use trial closing questions to encourage the customer’s interest and participation in the presentation.
  • Selling without over selling.

Overcoming objections

  • Identifying genuine concerns versus frustrating stalls.
  • 7 tough objections customers will express and how to respond with integrity and confidence.
  • Turning objections into confirmed sales.

Add-on sales

  • How to use the add-on sale to exceed your customer’s expectations every time.
  • 5 reasons we prejudge our customers and avoid suggesting the add-on.
  • When to suggest an add-on and what to say to grab the continued interest of the customer.
  • How to make multiple add-ons and a customer for life . . . it’s easier than you think!

Closing sales

  • 10 obvious verbal and non-verbal buying signals that salespeople frequently miss.
  • 3 buying fears that every customer experiences from the moment they enter your store – how can you easily alleviate those fears and make the sale?
  • Why “sure” sales are lost when a salesperson fails to close.
  • Rejection – what it is – why it hurts – how to deal with it.
  • 12 integrity based closing techniques that work every time.

The turn-over sale (T-O)

  • 5 reasons we just don’t T-O.
  • How a successful T-O will exceed the expectations of your customer.
  • The conditions under which a T-O must be considered.
  • 3 very creative ways to T-O with positive results for both you and the customer.

Developing your personal trade

  • Your customer book: Do you have one? Are you using it to your greatest advantage?
  • 5 excellent ways to maintain contact with your customers without feeling like you’re “bugging” or “hassling” them.

Attaining personal goals and targets every single month

  • 8 point Strategic Sales Plan: A proven system that can increase your sales by 10 to 15% . . . easily!
  • Success – what it is – how to get it – motivating yourself every day.

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