Best selling technique ever! Thank you!

Our AGS MEMBER store in Honolulu, Hawaii specializes in bridal jewelry: loose diamonds (Hearts on Fire, ForeverMark and other AGS 000 or GIA Triple Excellent Cut Diamonds), Designer Engagement Rings (like Tacori, Michael M and AJaffe). Everything we carry is exclusive to us in the whole state of Hawaii backed by the industry’s best Lifetime Diamond Warranty. We’ve been in the business 31 years and have a wonderful reputation in the business with 4.5 Stars Yelp, Facebook and Google Plus designations.

As the store’s in house Sales Trainer, my philosophy is to Sell Romance, first and foremost. I remind my sales team that emotional “selling” is the key to creating value and overcoming all objections. I remind them that when a guy comes in to look at Engagement rings, we need to Romance his special love and to remind him that he’s not buying a diamond engagement ring, and that he’s “proposing to the love of his life.”

Accordingly, when a couple comes in together, they’re not looking for Engagement Rings, “they’re getting engaged with her dream ring” which also honors his budget because it’s important that they both equally love their choice.

Creating the best possible emotional experience is how we create value and compete with internet prices and our “competitors.”

When I send new sales people to secret shop our competitors, they’re aghast that no one asks them any romance questions like “how long they’ve been together,” “how they met” “who knew first he/she was the ‘one’”, “who made the first move”— basically anything to get them into the “gooey” mood.

In other words, I train them to “talk to the client’s heart and their pockets tend to open up.”

For the reasons above, your Advanced Selling Technique completely resonated with me.

Thank you!

~ Aloha, Lorah Ashley, Senior Diamond Consultant, The Wedding Ring Shop


Dave Richardson’s “10 Store Meetings” is one of the best sales training tools I have ever invested in. No longer do I find myself pondering what to cover at a sales meeting, now I can just grab the book and go. I share Dave’s belief that it is critical to focus on one or two specific areas in each meeting, rather than on loading a lot of information on people at one time. I also like the fact that the training is scripted, and therefore very easy to use. My people enjoy the worksheets and save them for future reference. I’m at the point now where I’m asking each salesperson to study one of the meetings and become the meeting leader at a sales meeting. ~ Chip Stone, Stonecraft Jewelers


Talk about a successful seminar . . . the very next day Ray made a $10,400.00 sale by ll:30 a.m. He said the creative passion ideas gained during your seminar really worked well with this customer. ~ Jim Woodard, Woodard’s Diamond Showroom


Our stores were up every month of the fall with double digit increases. December showed an amazing increase with every store being ahead for the month! ~ John Jensen, Jensen Jewelers


Day 1 after our meeting was very successful. We sold 3 engagement rings, and one lady added on a pair of stud earrings. What I did notice was the reaction on each person’s face when asked how they were going to propose. Every person was immediately much warmer and had a smile on their face when asked the question. They felt important and my whole staff walked away feeling successful yesterday, not just because of the sales, but because the bond we felt like we made with our customers. My whole staff was fired up yesterday and we began implementing many suggestions that you made. I felt like the training was very successful, not only for me but also for all that attended and I am feeling much more confident about our holiday season. Thank you for all that your expertise that you shared with us. ~ Chris Uptain, Christopher Diamonds


Your unique training methods coupled with your infectious enthusiasm and your in depth follow-up program left our people ready for the Christmas season. In October, November, and December our sales were the highest in the history of the company. ~ Arthur Kaplan, Arthur Kaplan Jewellery, South Africa


Well, the proof is in the numbers . . . one of our three stores was up 42% during the last four months, the other up 68%, and another up a whopping 127%! There is no question in my mind, or the minds of my people, that the strategies you shared with us worked and worked exceptionally well. ~ Tom Hoyt, Siebke Hoyt Jewelers


Since your recent seminar with my entire staff and the special training for my management team, our sales have been fantastic. Our June and July sales figures were the best in our entire history – and that’s over 70 years of success to beat. ~ William D. Levine, Van Cott Jewelers


The very next day after your presentation which was the Monday you spent with our managers, one of our part-time sales ladies sold a $6,000 diamond bracelet as a Christmas gift. The customer (husband) also mentioned that his wife had always wanted a Rolex. This sales lady converted him to an $1,800 Cyma using your techniques she learned on Sunday. Other comments were, Dave wasn’t intimidating like that other man we had a few years ago, the Strategic Sales plan should be easy to follow, and I already have my favorite piece of jewelry picked out. ~ Richard W. Argo, Argo & Lehne Jewelers


For years our staff has known what to do. Now, they know how to do it. They all believe the methods were simple and the goals easy to accomplish. ~ Brian R. Alter, Alter’s Gem Jewelry


Your dynamic seminar was very well received by our International Management team. I will contact you to reserve an early April date for another inspirational workshop next year. ~ Hermann Hirsch, Hirsch Bracelets GmbH


Interestingly enough the two managers who work the hardest on this program achieved increases in December of 28% and 42%. Dave, generally speaking we have changed our approach somewhat to selling jewelry because of your seminar. ~ C. Clayton Bromberg, Underwood’s


I honestly believe that our time spent in your seminar was one of the best “educational” time (and money) we have spent in recent years. My only regret is that it has taken us so long to meet and hear you. Thanks for all you have done for us and our associates. ~ Scott Ayers, Ayers Jewelry


Thank you for assisting Bristol, Bragg and Young and having the most successful Christmas season ever. ~ Brent Young, Bristol, Bragg & Young


We have used many speakers in the past, some spoke of business.., some were motivational… But none of them have been able to touch the minds and hearts of our people in a wonderful manner that you did. Your magic, humor, and real-world examples made it a winner for everyone. ~ Kim D. Campbell, Managing Director New Image International, Auckland, New Zealand


Your seminar was not only the highlight of our managers form, but also a critical factor in the continuing education and motivation of our people. We look forward to working with you again in the very near future. ~ Jake Einhorn, Senior Vice President, General Merchandise Manager, Neiman Marcus


Thank you for despondent tenants into positive tenants. Your seminar without a doubt helped our tenants adopt a far more positive attitude toward their retail business. We are pleased to hear that you are returning to South Africa and wish to confirm another seminar with you at that time. ~ V. V. Reinders, Cresta Shopping Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa


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